The Story

One of us is Oliver, one of us Gabriel… here’s how it all got started…

The two initially met as undergrad students – Oliver at the time pursuing a solo career as a Singer/Songwriter. Several years later they got reintroduced through a mutual friend, wanting to form a band. Unaware of their shared passion for music those years earlier, the two hit things off accompanied as a four-piece band. The project consisted of a few Singles and EP Album before eventually parting ways. While there were no hard feelings, it was the clear consensus that the infant music group suffered from differing perspectives.

Gravity Castle was formed later that year with a much more contemporary style than its previous band moniker. Oliver’s writing and engineering experience alongside Gabriel’s multi-instrumentalist, acoustic, flavor provided the bedrock for a strong production chemistry. The two built out a fully-equipped, home studio in Oliver’s family garage where they would produce and write all their forthcoming Singles and EPs.

Two years on and the duo find themselves at a real tipping point. The coming years hold much in store for the ambitious project that is, ‘Gravity Castle’.